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InIndustry-Specific Strengths of MES

Our Strengths in the Automotive Industry

In accordance with the expansion of global procurement, their routes become more complicated and diversified. Our expert staff is knowledgeable about the supply chains of major automotive companies and has built an optimal transport network utilizing their affluent experience and know-how. We can provide services of door-to-door transport from a supplier to an assembly plant, packing for transport, and intermodal transportation including export and import customs clearance, while meeting specific requirements of our individual clients.

Our services are not limited to the supply chain from manufacturing to sales. Automotive shows and test-ride events are held all around the globe. One car can travel to participate in many of them. We comprehensively understand the hectic schedule and consider lead times and costs. Thus we can provide meticulous service, using sophisticated packing technology to transport exclusive auto products perfectly, while assuring safe and reliable transport routes, with a backup system just in case.

Our Strengths in the Chemical and Industrial Materials Industries

We have abundant know-how on the transportation of dangerous goods and most of our operational staff holds the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Professional Diploma (M2). Our in-house training system is well developed. Sharing various case studies enables us to flexibly cope with the highly demanding needs of our clients.

This experience leads to our quick response to emergency shipment requests: judging from the information, such as MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets), it is possible to put this special cargo on the flight of the same day as when it is packed. We provide a speedy door-to-door service, including coordination with local subsidiaries and agents.

We are proficient in retaining temperature zones when transporting products categorized as cold storage items or dangerous goods. Our know-how allows us to optimally arrange UN-certified fiberboard boxes and our original special heat insulation materials so that we can control a very sensitive temperature zone from 2 to 8C or maintain temperature at -70C. The adequate amount of refrigerants can be calculated using a simulator based on the information of ambient temperature and insulation materials, which enables us to reduce costs while maintaining quality. We also conduct refrigeration tests and trial refrigerated transportation in Japan. So you can let us handle any cargo even that requires very special attention.

Our Strengths in the Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries

For the transportation of drugs which require very strict temperature control, we can transport them while maintaining the temperature at from 2 to 8C. Temperature during air transportation can also be monitored. We have partnerships with suppliers who can pack in refrigeration facilities in the Narita area so as not to cause deviation from the controlled temperature when the transportation mode is changed.

Our Strengths in the Textile and Clothing Industries

In textile and clothing industries where the marketing timing is critical, we realize high-speed transportation in accordance with time schedule of our clients: Cargo arrival in the early morning ⇒ Customs release in the morning ⇒ Sorting in the afternoon ⇒ Delivery to stores the following day before their opening. We also utilize prior declaration in order to cope with customs clearance of thousands of items.

We have abundant experience in handling cargo for leading luxury clothing brands. We can arrange delivery of all imported clothing shipments to stores throughout Japan.

For individual customs declarations of items such as shoes and bags, precise arrangement is also possible. Based on our excellent expertise, we ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, including the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna), for materials used.

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