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Region-Specific Strengths of MES

Our Strengths in the China Region

We have developed our business at 10 locations in China: not only the coastal area and inland, we also cover the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in Western China. At Beijing, we have the first class forwarder license in China and therefore can offer very competitive freights.

We are prominent in China's domestic logistics industry, particularly in the automotive logistics. We are well-versed in CIQ (Customs Immigration Quarantine) audits in China for Inspection Certificates, and can make effective proposals on the building of logistics infrastructure using bonded logistics parks and bonded warehouses or reduction of tariff and logistics costs. We have established environmental management systems so as to be certified for ISO 14000. In the growing market of China, high-quality and stable operations are provided.

Our Strengths in the Southeast Asia Region

We have subsidiaries and agents in all Southeast Asian countries. Mainly in Thailand, Indonesia, India and Malaysia, we handle various logistics operations in this area showing outstanding development. While collaborating with partners who are well experienced and knowledgeable about local practices, our professional employees support our clients' logistics through their high-quality services.

We built and manage our distribution centers with trucks in the major auto industry hubs to offer milk-run and cross-docking delivery services. Our progress management system in conjunction with the production management systems of our clients allows us to manage cargo status on a real-time basis.

Our Strengths in the European Region

We conduct our business not only in the EU countries, but also in the major industrial hubs in Eastern Europe and Turkey. Our own logistics centers in these areas are equipped with the latest security systems which enable us to perform operations requiring a high level of confidentiality.

We handle bonded transportation in the T1 and T2 transit areas, in addition to kitting of parts of several ten thousand units, vehicle transportation and venous logistics of industrial wastes. We fully comply with regulatory and statutory requirements specific to Europe consisting of environmentally advanced countries.

Our Strengths in the South Africa Region

With our outstanding expertise for handling of air and sea cargo in this region, we properly take care of the remote self-customs clearance of our clients and various procedures for exemption and reduction of duties for vehicle export.

Our local services satisfy the strict operational quality and compliance standards specified by the major automakers. We provide assured and accurate services for a wide range of products from automobiles to general merchandise.

Our Strengths in the Americas Region

In both North and South American continents, we carry out not only air transportation, but also various inland transportation services using trucks and railroads. We excel in cross-border transportation between the US and Mexico. We can suggest efficient logistics based on our extensive networks in Brazil and other South American countries and familiarity with unique customs clearance procedures in these countries.

We have experience in chartered transportation to cold weather regions and vehicle delivery for exhibitions and shooting for commercials. In addition, we have C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism) certification and our own customs clearance licenses. Our high quality services even cover the advanced tracing of cargo during transit in logistics facilities.

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