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High Quality Packing Service

Actively Pursuing Packing Quality to Protect Your Cargo

High Quality Packing

Every cargo that we receive from the clients is thoroughly inspected by our expert staff if there is any damage in external packaging and verified against shipping documents. Then, they are repacked in accordance with the clients' needs. At that time, we use various containers depending on the weight as well as paying extra attention to quality and cost.

Aiming at Being No. 1 in Packing Skills

The "Packing Dojo" has been established at our distribution centers to train our staff in packing skills. We focus on developing personnel and tools at our overseas subsidiaries, thereby ensuring uniform quality on a global level. A high security area is also provided in these centers in which a high security packing service is assured based on the clients' needs.

Our Soltuions

Mitsui-Soko Express' Strategic Logistics Solutions

Find more about our various strategic logistics solutions provided for each business category, product features and business models for our clients, in e-commerce, healthcare, aerospace, consumer electronics, apparel, automotive, finance…etc.

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