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Overseas Moving Services

We provide room-to-room moves based on our global network for Japanese customers who are assigned overseas and foreign customers who return to their homeland. We comprehensively coordinate everything related to your move, such as sending your articles by air and/or sea, maintaining your items remaining in Japan, and taking care of various procedures including arrangements for cars and local residences.

Let Us Handle Your Packing.

Our well-experienced staff promptly and carefully packs all of your possessions: not only large furniture but also small personal items. What you should do is just decide what you want to move and what you want to leave by the day of our packing operation. If you want to do the packing by yourself, we will deliver the packing materials, such as cardboard boxes, by the day you desire. We will also dispose of your unnecessary household articles.

Assured Delivery with Insurance Coverage

Although we make our best efforts for safe and proper transportation, unexpected accidents may occur as the cargo is delivered via various modes and people. If an accident occurs, compensation by the shipping company or airline specified in the transportation agreement may not be enough to cover all damages. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you purchase insurance in order to protect your precious cargo from any loss just in case. We also provide the cargo insurance agent service. Please feel free to consult us with any questions you may have.

Keeping Your Articles in Japan Under Our Full Responsibility

We keep your unused household articles in our storage facilities during your foreign assignment. In these facilities, temperatures and humidity are maintained at constant levels, so your articles are kept safe and secure for the long term. All the articles are packed properly for storage. If you have items that you want to deliver or assign to your family or friends, we can submit an estimate for delivery cost. Services for installation and removal of various home appliances (e.g. air-conditioner, antenna), shipments of a piano or electronic organ, and cleaning of the kitchen are also available. Please consult us on all things about your move.

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