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MODERATE Transportation Service

Speedy Air Transportation at More Reasonable Prices. We plan and provide services in collaboration with specific airliners.

Unique Advantages of Our Products Jointly Developed with Air Carriers

Utilizing our abundant experience and excellent negotiation skills, we have developed transportation package products with specific aircraft companies. This enables our own pricing so as to provide accurate transportation services at uniformly low prices. To Asia and Oceania, for instance, we provide optimal transportation services, which allow 1 to 2 extra days in addition to normal delivery days, through our variety of route network, using principal airports in Asia as a hub, from the three major airports in Japan. In the same way, we also offer connections to Europe using the main European airports as a hub.

Distinctive Services Satisfying Various Needs

One example of our service is cargo sending to a transit airport on a flight for the same day as customs clearance and arriving there in the early morning of the following day. At the transit airport, without breaking down the unit load device (ULD), the cargo can be delivered to the final destination using the same day connection for the fastest airline transfer through quick ramp transfer (QRT). In addition, we are one of the first logistics companies to start collaborating with low-cost carriers (LCCs): their punctuality, locations of cargo facilities and functionality, which are revealed as a result of our thorough investigations, enable us to provide high quality services.

Our Soltuions

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