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Logistics Service

A group of experts attuned to international business will suggest plans custom-made for the clients’ needs.

Our long experience in logistics enables us to precisely respond to various client's needs,  starting with hardware distribution for SCM or 3PL compatible with the rapidly changing global logistics trend. Our specialists, taking every advantage of modern IT are able to provide a high-value added services and constantly working for an efficient logistics that benefits our clients. The customized solution through optimal proposals utilizing all means of transportation, whether it is air or sea, provides satisfaction for every clients needs.

Value-added Logistics Services

IT System Network

We have introduced the IT systems connecting us to our clients and their cargo to visualize and assure control over every transportation.

  • (1) JTOCS - Export Control Web System
    • MSE = Mitsui-Soko Express
      Purpose: To visualize clients' procurement status from their new overseas production facilities
      Feature: Easy-setup web system which enables sharing information between Japan and overseas

  • (2) TOCS-net - B2B Cargo Data Exchange Network
    • MSE = Mitsui-Soko Express
      Purpose: To support the clients' global procurement
      Feature: Allows to exchange cargo data from MSE offices in North America and Europe as well as from the Total Order Control System (TOCS) in Southeast Asia via Internet VPN and providong the centralized data to the client for easy control of all procurement orders.

Case Study

Purchasing & Logistics Service by System Interfacing

Each of the following information is provided, based on the ordering information retrieved by our Total Order Control System (TOCS) real time interfaced to auto manufacturer's purchasing system.

  • Due date information: Cargo pickup based on client's due date information
  • Shipping information: Basis for vehicle assembly planning
  • Problem details: Delivery delay, unverified price, incorrect quantity, etc.

Our Soltuions

Mitsui-Soko Express' Strategic Logistics Solutions

Find more about our various strategic logistics solutions provided for each business category, product features and business models for our clients, in e-commerce, healthcare, aerospace, consumer electronics, apparel, automotive, finance…etc.

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