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Sea Import / Export Forwarding

We provide the best sea transport solutions to individual clients, based on our long experience and affluent knowledge on customs clearance situations and other statutory requirements different depending on the country, while utilizing our logistics network spreading all over the world.

Total Support for Complicated Process

Import and export using sea transportation require multiple shipping measures and related various procedures. From a manufacturing plant in an exporting country to a loading port, from procedures for leaving a port to proper routing for shipping to an importing location, from procedures for import and export customs clearance in various countries to assuring delivery route from an unloading port to a final destination: all of these operations are provided by our specialist staff while maintaining high quality.


Expert Staff Knowledgeable in Administrative Requirements of related Countries

We allocate expert staff capable of performing various customs clearance procedures, including declarations, inspections and checks related to taxation, on behalf of our clients, in each region. They take all possible measures to ensure promptly responding to changes in the systems and procedures of customs clearance within their countries. With proper understanding of cargo features, statutory requirements and tariff rates, their proposals also cover the safest routes with optimal cost.

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