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Air Import / Export Forwarding

Air Transportation Services Satisfying Increasingly Sophisticated and Varied Needs. We will take care of all the troublesome procedures for you.

Supporting Air Export/Import Operations with Our One-stop Services

You can count on us for pickup at designated locations in Japan and overseas and delivery to designated locations using our global network. We can also perform operations including communication and coordination with exporters in exporting countries as well as inventory control, temporary storage and distribution processing of goods in imported countries. Well-experienced worldwide customs clearance staff meets your various needs for importing and exporting procedures and delivery of all kinds of goods including special cargo.

Expert Staff Knowledgeable in Administrative Requirements of Individual Countries

We allocate expert staff capable of performing various customs clearance procedures, including declarations, inspections and checks related to taxation, on behalf of our clients, in each region. They take all possible measures to ensure promptly responding to changes in the systems and procedures of customs clearance within their countries. With proper understanding of cargo features, statutory requirements and tariff rates, their proposals also cover the safest routes with optimal cost.

Transportation Insurance

Although we make our best efforts for safe and proper transportation, unexpected accidents may occur when the cargo is delivered around the world. If an accident occurs, compensation by the shipping company or airline specified in the transportation agreement may not be enough to cover all damages. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you purchase insurance in order to protect your precious cargo from any loss just in case. We also provide the cargo insurance agent service. Please feel free to consult us with any questions you may have.

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