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Air Transportation of Dangerous Goods

We are the leading company when it comes to performance and know-how for the transport of dangerous goods. We can quickly navigate safe and secure transport.

Highly experienced know-how on the transport of hazardous materials

If you want to transport hazardous materials by air, you must satisfy a tremendous amount of requirements: arrangement based on the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR), regulatory requirements specified for each item, standards for quantity and packaging, and different rules depending on the country and airline. Our experts can simply explain the details, such as whether your goods can be transported by airline based on the DGR, how to pack your goods while satisfying the requirements, as well as the maximum transportable quantities. We have excellent know-how on the transport of hazardous materials in compliance with all the ordinances and regulations of individual air carriers.

Adequate Response by Our Dangerous Goods Expert

We allocate personnel who hold the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations Professional Diploma at the highest rate in the industry. This enables us to safely and efficiently handle this special cargo. In order to improve our know-how, we carry out high level in-house training on an on-going basis utilizing various methods, including inviting former trainers of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). We have established and maintain an organizational structure that can cope with sudden changes in regulations, going beyond just improving our own knowledge level.

First-class Industry Expertise and Experience

We position business related to hazardous materials as one of the most important jobs in our group, and promote initiatives to shorten lead time compared with our competitors. Our outstanding know-how cultivated while handling dangerous goods over many years allows us to make prompt export arrangements and earliest flight reservations, including same day flights as the loading day, which are required for air cargo to be used when time is pressed. We do our very best to prevent you from losing business opportunities.

Unique Service for Packing Materials and Methods

We are the exclusive importer of versatile and UN-certified fiberboard boxes (4G) manufactured by Duropack in Germany. We can provide these containers at wholesale prices through large amount bulk purchase and collectively manage packing inspection certificates. We also make proposals for reduction in the total cost based on our abundant know-how, such as 50% of packing cost reduction by changing from individual 4G packing of several cargo items to bulk packing with 11G.

Seminars Based on Your Request

Types of dangerous goods vary: paint (flammable liquid), batteries (corrosive), aerosols (gas), dry ice, vehicles and engines are also classified as dangerous goods. We can hold seminars based on your request, from the basics such as concept of dangerous goods to the procedures for transporting them. If you want to know more about these special goods, please contact us.

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