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Cross-border Transportation

Deliver as Long as the Road Continues Even Crossing Borders

Cross-border Transportation as One Transportation Mode

Since we have warehouses in various countries, based on the latest information collected there, we determine routing in consideration of the road situation in these countries and perform operations including loading and unloading in transit. Sometimes, we handle customs clearance when crossing the borders of several countries on behalf of the clients, thereby providing a smooth transportation service without imposing extra strain on them. We also put emphasis on activities in ASEAN countries which are attracting increased attention recently.

For example, we started the "Bajío Express" service for small lot shipments to Bajío in Mexico in collaboration with local partners via Los Angeles which is a port with easier customs clearance. This is an original route that only we can provide, with our complete knowledge of local customs clearance and land transportation situations, including IMMEX.

Proposing Optimal Transportation Plans Based on Full Knowledge of Laws and Administrative Conditions for Countries in Transit

The problems during cross-border transportation are not limited to customs clearance. Domestic conditions of the destination and in transit countries also have a great impact: for example, in Malaysia, a truck with a foreign number plate is not allowed to operate. Based on the latest local information collected at our individual global offices, we optimize the realistic cross-border transportation.

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