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Air Transportation of Cold Storage Items

In low-temperature transportation, not only specialized know-how is required, but also thorough care up to the destination so as not to deteriorate quality is an important element. We have everything—materials, organization and know-how—to enable safe and reliable transportation of cold storage items at low costs.

Special Packing Materials Jointly Developed with a Specialized Manufacturer

We have developed "B-Cool" in full cooperation with a chemical specialty company. This is a super-insulated packing material dedicated to the transportation of cold storage items that are susceptible to external factors. Compared with conventional Styrofoam, our innovative material has an extremely high insulation effect and is easily processed without making troublesome arrangement of power supply. This enables us to provide optimal packing size based on your cargo, almost like custom-made, while extending cooling effect and reducing refrigerants to be used.

Proposing Total Cool Chain

We can make a proposal for total cool chain solutions customized based on your needs from pickup, packing, customs clearance and collaboration with airlines to cold storage upon arrival at the destination. We achieve desired temperature range (2 to 8C, 0C, below -20C) by combining refrigerants and cold storage agents. It is also possible to maintain constant temperature by preventing initial cooling with the use of incubators in our affiliated facilities. We have contracted with bonded warehouses with refrigeration facilities in the Narita area so that we can sort and pack your goods in these facilities, thereby minimizing risks of deviation from the controlled temperature.

Highly Accurate Simulation

With the help of highly accurate temperature analysis simulator, we propose transportation with the setting of proper temperature. We implement the 3-step verification system: 1. Formulating a hypothesis with the simulator; 2. Verifying the hypothesis through refrigeration testing in Japan; and 3. Checking our response to any irregularities during trial transport. This enables us to make even more reliable and safer cold chain proposals.

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