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Information Security Management System (ISMS)

MITSUI SOKO EXRESS CO., LTD. (hereinafter “Company”), by performing continual information security management operation/improvement, will strive to make contribution toward society by increasing our customer’s satisfactory level.

ISMS Basic Policy

The world has entered into information age in an unprecedented manner within last few years. For this reason, being able to efficiently use such information has become a vital issue for the future development of business operations. As the member of MITSUI SOKO GROUP, we have always made social contribution as the Company philosophy by effectively utilizing highly specialized international distribution “know-how” in improving our customer’s satisfaction level. In order for the Company to achieve continual growth in society, we must shy away from inviting any form of misunderstanding from society through implementation of transparent Company activities, and must win trust and understanding from people concerning the Company activities. In regards to our customer relationship, no hard imagination is required in figuring out the scale of catastrophic disaster that will inflict upon our sales opportunity in the case of security incident occurrence. In order to avoid these types of problems along with further advancement of our strategic business management that utilizes information, it is vital for all of the Company employees to be able to recognize the importance behind information asset which by and in itself is considered the entire value of the Company, along with being able to utilize such asset in efficient manner.
In order to do so, not just within a scope of confidentiality of the Company owned information asset, but we must also strive to obtain perfection and availability of such asset. For this reason, the below will be declared as the top policy of the Company.

  • 1.In regards to information security of the Company, we will utilize JIS Q27001:2006(ISO/IEC 27001:2005)/ISMS (information security management system) certification standard, and shall promote such utilization under instruction of supervisor of information security (Information Security Committee)
  • 2.The scope of above stated management system shall be throughout the entire Company/departments. (with exclusion of Kanto management department/Kanto operational department customs clearance section 1/customs clearance section 2/ customs clearance inspection section).
  • 3.Scope of application shall include entirety of physical/environmental resource, information system resource, information/data resource, human resource.
  • 4.With respect to information related to service/technique under development, personal information related to employees and customers, such information shall be recognized as confidential information of the Company and may not be disclosed to public unless deemed necessary within a reasonable scope through consent of information owner or regulatory requirement, etc.
  • 5.Necessary matters concerning management and operation of information processing and confidential information shall be set forth in the security rule categories issued by the policy herein and information security committee. In the case any of the Company employees including Company executives fall under acts that are in breach to such rules, such persons will not only be subject to punishment calling for discharge pursuant to penal regulations, but shall also be liable for damage compensation.

【Authentication Registration Content】

  • .Registered business operator MITSUI SOKO EXPRESS CO., LTD.
  • .Registered business Department headquarter, Shibaura office, Kansai international airport center, Dojima office
    Nagoya office, Toyota office, Chubu international airport center, Kyushu business office, Tokyo international airport business office
  • .Location: 3-20-1 Nishihinbashi Minato-ku, Tokyo Posta Code:105-0003
  • .Applicable standard ISO/IEC 27001:2005(JIS Q 27001:2006)
  • .Authentication registration number NQI-0010A
  • .Registration date: September 28, 2007
  • .Scope of registration International aviation/transport by sea and import/export related operation in general {applicable declaration document}2.0 edition (March 1, 2011)
  • .Registration screening agency Nippon Kaiji Kenti Quality Assurance Ltd.(ISR023)
  • .Certifying body Japan Information Processing Development Corporation(JIPDEC)


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