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Environment Management System(ISO14001)

Environment Policy

Serving as a part of corporate social obligation, MITSUI SOKO EXPRESS CO., LTD will contribute to society by conducting eco-friendly business activities that provides consideration to people and natural environment. Furthermore, as the member of MITSUI SOKO GROUP, we will place our utmost effort in preserving the global environment through promotion of business activities that provides consideration to the environment.

  • 1.We will accurately grasp the environmental effect associated with our business activities, and will construct management system catered toward load reduction and will engage in continues improvement of our operation. In addition, we will contribute toward reducing of environmental problems through conducting of operational efficiency (improvement in productivity) for the sake of conservation of natural resource/energy.
  • 2. We will place our utmost effort in preventing pollution, along with being pursuant to environment related laws and other required matters.
  • 3.We will promote environment conservation activities by setting up environmental purpose/goal within a scope possible under our technological/financial condition, along with making revision of such purpose/goal.
  • 4.We will implement environmental audit, periodic revision of environmental management system and make such system effective and lasting, and at the same time will strive to achieve continuous improvement on our result for environment conservation.
  • 5.Upon request, we will disclose this policy to the public.

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