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Procurement and purchasing policies

Procurement and purchasing policies

Mitsui-Soko Express procurement and purchasing department try to make a fair and honest deal, in order to practice the procurement and purchasing activities. Procurement and purchasing department engage in activities in accordance with the following policies.

  • Compliance with the law and social norms
    We will carry out our procurement and purchasing in compliance with the law and social norms and respect to the spirit of all relevant laws.
  • Supplier selection
    We will focus on the following conditions when we select the supplier aiming to build a better partnership.
    • Compliance with the laws and social norms. Focus on respecting the human rights and consideration for the working environment.
    • Working on activities for preservation of the environment and ensure safety.
    • Sound management and the level of quality, price, delivery time are appropriate.
  • Ensure equal opportunity
    We will open the door widely to both domestic and overseas suppliers, and provides the equal opportunity of fair trade.
  • Response to environment
    We will consider the environmental preservation by procuring and purchasing the ecological services and goods.

April 1, 2016
President & CEO
Takanobu Kubo

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